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Why Europe Does Not Need A Return To Failed Austerity Policies, 2021

Letter published in Financial Times responding to Wolfgang Shaeuble's 3rd of June opinion-article in FT , on why Europe does not need a return to failed austerity policies that transformed the 2008 financial crisis into a prolonged recession. 

with F. Lerven, T. Beck, A. Tooz and others

Reaching for Yield and the Diabolic Loop in a Monetary Union, 2019

Column covered by Columbia University on "The Columbia Law School's Blog on Corporations and Financial Markets" 

and by the International Banker magazine

with S. Boubaker, D. Gounopoulos, and D. K. Nguyen

Systemic Risk in the European Financial Network, 2015

Covered on The Guardian and on The Irish Times

with D. Gounopoulos, R. Kizys, and Y. Koutelidakis

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