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Welcome to my website

I am Associate Professor of Macro-Finance in Durham University Business School, at Durham University, member of the American Economic Association, the American Finance Association, the European Economic Association, the European Finance Association, the Royal Economic Society, and the Central Bank Research Association.

Research Interests

Monetary Economics, Macroeconomics, Financial Intermediation, Household Finance


[Official Page] [Google Scholar] [SSRN] [Ideas] [LinkedIn] 


Office 163

Mill Hill Lane

Durham University Business School

DH1 3LB, Durham, U.K.


   Latest news


  • *New Working Paper* "Predicting Recessions" is available to download and read here.​​

  • *Department of Finance Seminars* The program for this year's Department of Finance Seminars at Durham University Business School is available here and here.

  • *Macro-Finance Workshop* The Macro-Finance Workshop takes place in the 21st of June in Durham University Business School with the participation of Constantine Yannelis (University of Chicago Booth School of Business), and  Pedro Gete (IE Business School). Details of the programme are available here.

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